There are so many different names for this unique smoking device. Some call it a hookah, hooka, huka, nargile, shisha, sheesha, nargila, or shishah. The hookah has been the standard of smoking for centuries in the Middle-east.
Many people prefer these water pipes to regular smoking because of the smooth and cool taste of the smoke. The water pipes filter the smoke with water making each puff oh so sweet!!
These pipes are lavishly decorated and can be used as decorations in the home or as a unique gift.
If you have never tried shishah before, you are missing out on what people in the Middle East have known for hundreds of years. Shishah is a great way to liven up any party or just enjoy conversation over. This unique blend of tobacco and flavors is now offered at Restaurant & Shishah Nasir Al-Masri.
Our hookahs are of the highest quality. They are made by skilled craftsmen who have been making these water pipes for centuries. They are imported directly from Egypt.
So take a look at our exotic selection of high quality pipes and shishah flavors. We invite you to experience for yourself this ancient Arabian tradition.

Shishah is a blend of tobacco, flavors and molasses unique to the Middle East. We prepared it for you in a variety of flavors such as apple and strawberry, and are smoked in a hookah.

For your information Shishah contains only 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar.

Smoking our shishah and listening to the ancient Arabian music or watching live broadcasting by satellite of various Arabian TV programs, our customers experience an unforgettable relaxed environment.

We prepare your shishah according to the Egyptian methods. Our highly skilled staff will check that all seals are air tight. Secondly, the bowl, is filled approximately 3/4 full. Tin foil is used to cover the tobacco, and holes were made using the tongs like in the picture.

Without foil the smoke is harsh and poor tasting. Coals are placed covering the entire bowl and will usually last about 40 minutes.

If you order “Salloom”, tobacco will not be covered by tin foil as recommended.

Our staffs are always ready to serve you with new coals upon your requests to make your occasion in our restaurant more enjoyable.

You can gather around with friends and family and become the life of the party.
Smoking from hookah is like no other smoking experience. Once you try our shishah you won’t be able to stop!