Our restaurant is designed to project a fairly traditional but elegant dinning with a touch of modern artistry. This creates a venue which is attractive, lively and a bustling, busy place full of entertainment within and around the restaurant. Furniture is locally made and fabrics are of excellent standard..

Clean, Beautiful and managed by friendly workers. We keep our restaurant to main Arabic decoration and merge it with new modern style.

Most of Arab people like to take shishah and talk with their friends. Enjoy our original Arab style in 2nd floor.

We can take our restaurant to your house and room. We offer this service to our valuable customer. We can delivery your order within 30 minutes.

Experience fine dining in Restaurant Shishah Nasir

Restaurant Shishah Nasir is one of the pioneers of Middle-Eastern cuisine in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1986, the owner, Mr Said, wanted to put up an establishment where Middle-Easterners living in the bustling cities of Thailand can find dishes that will remind them of their heritage and home. 

Over the years, the restaurant found success and expanded to other places across the country. Additionally, the original establishment was also renovated to accommodate more people. Along with the establishment, we also improved our current menu and added cuisines from Thailand, India, and Egypt.

Here at our restaurant, you can enjoy good food and service from our dedicated employees. If you’re looking for a high-quality dining experience at an affordable price, book your tables here at Restaurant Shishah Nasir now!

Things you can book in our restaurant 


Shisha, or also known as ‘hookah’, is one of the oldest forms of entertainment that originated during the colonization of British India. In other accounts, shisha was invented by Abul’-Fath Gilani, a Persian inventor under the service of Akbar who then ruled the city of Fatehpur Sikri in the Indian subcontinent. 

A shisha is a single unit, multi-stemmed apparatus used for heating or vaporizing flavoured and plain tobacco. In some countries, Shisha is used to smoke cannabis, hashish, or opium. In the Middle-East, the culture of using hookah or shisha has a deep connection to how people tell stories. 

Usually, people sit and gather in a small space while smoking and passing around the shisha nozzle. Countries such as India, Persia, Turkey, and Egypt practise this activity that eventually became a way to strengthen the bond of a community. 

Persia adopted the practice of using hookah in the 17th century wherein they used a strong, dark leaf called Ajami. Aside from the bond, it creates between people, using shisha also has a sophisticated feel to it because of the ornate design of each hookah device. 

In the 18th century, hookah was introduced in the country of Turkey where it was transformed into an even elegant device that boasts intricate designs and adorned with Turkish glass accents. 

Here at Shisha Nasir, we want to promote the usage of shisha for our Middle Eastern and local patrons who want to have a more meaningful bond with the friends or family. We offer flavoured and plain tobacco that you can enjoy using our high-quality shisha devices. If you want to book a shisha room, you can message our staff. Please take note that you need to book three days in advance to ensure availability. 


Aside from dining, we also offer a catering service for our customers who want to celebrate special occasions. Here at Shisha Nasir, we have been hosting events and holidays celebrated by our patrons. In the past year, we have organized events for Eid Mubarak, Diwali, and weddings. 

In some cases, we also provide services for birthdays and anniversaries. However, customers must note that we only accept menu requests that are already available in our establishment. This means that we don’t accept dishes that our staff isn’t trained to produce.

 If you want to apply for our catering service, you have to book a month ahead of time so we can streamline our scheduling and planning. Note that the design and layout of the restaurant cannot be altered dramatically to maintain the look and feel of the space. 


Shisha Nasir offers a banquet service for events such as Eid and Diwali where our main customers are individuals who can’t come home to celebrate with their families. To make them feel at home, we offer banquet services where people can enjoy their native dishes and without having to go far. 


We know how parties are important for our customers who want to celebrate special occasions with friends and family. Here at Shisha Nasir, we accept hosting parties for different events. However, you have to note that we have strict policies when accepting events. This is to ensure that everything will be under control within the restaurant premises. 

Food deliveries 

For our customers who want to enjoy our food within the comfort of their home, we offer a food delivery service where our staff can deliver the food right at their doorstep. However, we only accept orders that are available on our menu. 

We won’t process orders that are scheduled for a different day. This is to ensure that no orders will overlap in the process. If we have promos, we will apply discounts so our customers will have a hearty meal at a cheaper price. Orders are only open from 9 am to 11 am. Requests processed after the scheduled time will no longer be accepted. 

On special occasions, we offer deliveries free of charge so make sure you stay updated with our announcements on our social media accounts.  

Lounge area and drinks 

Aside from fine dining, we also have a lounge/bar area where customers can watch a live band show. In this service, we feature artists who will perform traditional Arab music.

For events such as Diwali, we also hire performers who can belt out Bollywood songs and Hindi music. Our lounge and music area is open from 6 pm to 2 am. We have a wide selection of drinks and finger food our customers can pair with their beverages. 


Being in a Southeast Asian country, Shisha Nasir sees the popularity of karaoke among our customers. Here at our restaurant, we offer a karaoke area where our patrons can enjoy their favourite songs with friends and family. 

Reservations are required at least one week in advance so customers can enjoy our food and service in a comfortable space. Additionally, there’s also a time limit on how long people can stay to make sure that other people who reserved a room can get their chance. Extra fee will be required for people who want to extend their stay. 

Shisha Nasir menu

Middle Eastern menu 

We offer a diverse range of Middle- Eastern cuisine here at Shisha Nasir. To ensure that we can cater to all our customers, our team of cooks and chefs have brainstormed together to make sure that the dishes we serve taste authentic and high quality. At the moment, we have dishes from Oman, Saudi, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

Indian menu 

Our Indian menu is one of the most popular among our customers. Combining dishes north, south, and east India, we have a diverse set of dishes that you can enjoy. Moreover, we are also looking forward to expanding our menu by adding entrees from South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 

At the moment, our most popular dishes under this menu are from West Bengal and North India. 

Thai menu 

We want to be as inclusive as possible, that’s why we also developed a menu for our Southeast Asian customers. However, we focus on developing Thai cuisines to make sure that we can prioritize our local customers in the city. 

Egyptian menu 

Our Egyptian menu is our latest addition to the cuisines we offer. Right now, we’re still expanding our food ideas to ensure that we can get the taste of Egyptian food. 

How to get to our restaurant 

  • By car from Methi Niwet 

If you’re going to the restaurant by car, you can take the exit from the Methi Niwet Village and drive straight through the main road. Once you pass by the Sukhumvit mall, go straight past the Dubai mall and turn right and you will see the restaurant. 

Make sure you look for a parking space because it’s along the highway and there is scarce space where you can leave your car parked. 

  • By bus 

If you’re taking the bus from Makkasan, you have to wait for the trip to the Imperial Gardens. Usually, this is the easiest route to our restaurant because it passes by the highway and will drop you off in front of the restaurant. However, you need to make sure you can catch the trip because there’s a schedule. 

  • By train 

If you’re taking the train in the city, there are several points where you can drop by the restaurant. However, your easiest stop will be at the Pathum Wan District. Once you reach the station, all you need to do is take the stop at the Bang Kapi. From there, you can go straight from Watthan then go straight to Shisha Nasir. 

Reserve your tables here at Shisha Nasir now and enjoy an exciting dining experience of Middle Eastern cuisine! 

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