Mr.Mustafa Ali and Mr.Tarek Mohamed Ibrahim-bin-Asam are our Chiefs. We have two shifts for daily operation.
Day-shift and night-shift..

Mr.Mustafa Ali

Meet our dedicated staff at Shishah Nasir

Established in 1986, Shishah Nasir is one of the oldest Middle Eastern restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the years, we have perfected our recipes and service that we only give our patrons the best dining experience. 

When people visit our establishment, we all receive good feedback for our recipes and notable taste. We are proud to say that all of this is possible because of our team of talented chefs and staff that work together to make sure that everything is seamless in the back and front of the house. 

Mr Mohammed Asad El-Ghazi, Supporting Manager from Egypt 

Mr Mohammed is the one who takes care of our raw materials that he sources from different Middle-Eastern countries. This is to ensure that our food will taste authentic and of high quality. 

His role in the restaurant is to look for manufacturers who offer top-notch ingredients that we will use for our dishes. Additionally, he’s also the one who conducts the research and price management for our Middle Eastern menu. 

Mr Achkarf Asad El-Ghazi, Assistant Manager 

Mr Achkarf El-Ghazi is the assistant manager who makes sure that everything for sourcing the ingredients is seamless and coordinated within the management team. He also acts as the second in command of Mr Mohammed. Additionally, he’s also the one who gets the updates on the staff in the kitchen and relays it to Mr Mohammed. 

Chef Somasan 

Chef Somsadan is the chef in charge of the Thai menu. Part of his job is to plan the whole menu for a week. Additionally, he’s also the one who looks for the ingredients needed for the dishes he will be making. 

Mr Kamel Marzak 

Mr Karmel Marzak is one of the senior staff in the restaurant who takes care of the training and hiring of new members. Apart from looking for qualified applicants, he also takes care of the interviews. 

Mr Hassan Baidu, head chef for Middle Eastern menu

Mr Hassan Baidu has a degree in culinary and acts as the restaurant’s head chef in Middle Eastern cuisine. He has been working in the industry for at least 10 years and has gained a lot of experience in creating recipes like no other. Along with Chef Somasan, he makes sure that every menu for the week is organized according to the restaurant’s schedule. 

Chef Manish Kumar 

Indian cuisine is one of the hardest dishes to perfect, that’s why we hired a head chef who can capture the essence and authenticity of desi foods. 

In our restaurant, Chef Manish Kumar handles the South-Asian cuisine to make sure that we can provide the best taste for our customers who love Indian dishes. Additionally, he also takes care of the scheduling of the dishes to be served for the day.