Restaurant – Shishah Nasir Al-masri believes there are three ways in which our restaurant can achieve true and lasting distinction from other restaurants, regardless of the type of food or size of business:

Provide superior service

Provide superior food quality

Encourage constant innovation – a constant improving of ourselves, our products and our restaurant.

These standards of excellence are the foundation on which our restaurant were first established, and remain equally important today in the day-to-day operation of our restaurant.

Our price philosophy
Our pricing strategy is based on local market pricing tacking into consideration that products we do are of superior quality compared to any existing Arabic restaurant.

Our management team

Mr.Mohamed Asad El-Gazi
(Supporting Manager from Egypt)
Taking care of all our raw materials import and select staff from Egypt

Mr.Achkraf Asad El-Gazi
(Assistant Manager)

Mr. Somsan, Mr.Kamel Marzak, Mr. Hassan Baidu
(Senior Staff)

Restaurant Shishah Nasir: Learn about our policy 

Restaurant Shishah Nasir Al-Masri is one of the most popular restaurants in the district of Bangkok, Thailand. Here at our establishment, we pride ourselves on serving high quality and authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine to our customers who want to experience extraordinary dishes inspired by different countries. 

Here at our restaurant, we offer a menu on Thai, Indian, Egyptian, and Middle-East. To maintain our high-quality service, we have several policies followed by our management and staff for our customers. 

High-quality service 

Here at Shisha Nasir, all our staff members are trained on how the system of the restaurant works in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly according to the establishment’s standards.

All of our staff members are reliable, well-versed in the cuisines we offer, and polite in treating our guests. Everything you will need will be served to you to make sure that you will have an unforgettable dining experience with us. 

Authentic food quality and recipes 

All the dishes we offer in our menu are passed down from Mr Said’s family, so you can ensure that everything we have has an authentic Middle-Eastern taste. Additionally, the dishes we offer under our Indian, Thai, and Egyptian menu are well-researched and developed by our top chefs to ensure that everything tastes authentic. 

Aside from the effort we put into research, we also ensure that all the ingredients we use are sourced from only the best and top-quality manufacturers of spices. 

To get with the times, we follow trends and conduct research on how we can innovate our menu and our service according to the preference of our customers without compromising the traditions and identity of our brand. 

We offer high-class dining at a reasonable price 

Here at Shisha Nasir, we make that our dishes are affordable and not too overpriced. To do this, we carefully plan our menu and look for reasonable ingredient providers that will not compromise the quality and standard of our menu. 

Additionally, we provide a day and night menu that will cater to the price preferences of our customers. On special occasions and events such as Diwali or Eid, we provide discounts on dishes to make the celebration more exciting for customers. 

Cleanliness and well-maintained establishment 

The cleanliness of our building is one of the top priorities of our staff and management. We make sure that everything is in place during our day-to-day operations so we can maintain our reputation. 

We have talented and dedicated staff members that ensure the well-being of our facilities and building. Additionally, we have health clearances and permits from agencies who checked our restaurant. 

Event etiquette

Shisha Nasir accepts events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties to be held in the restaurant. However, while we want you to enjoy and have fun with your loved ones, we have protocols that must be followed. 

For example, we allow alcohol within the premises, however, violent acts and disruptive activities will be reported immediately to building authorities to maintain peace and order.