Restaurant – Shishah Nasir Al-masri is a growing family restaurant whose name is synonymous with quality food and great service. Our Arabian style restaurant opened it’s doors in 1986 to provide a home from home for the people of Arab countries living in Thailand; other Arab people coming for a short stay in Bangkok and people of other nationalities, with traditional Arab, Indian and Thai cuisine coupled with superior service.

Founded by Mr.Said, from 1986 Restaurant – Shishah Nasir Al-Masri has expanded to include a 2nd floor with its unique Arabian style interior.

Over the year our restaurant has developed its menu to include authentic Egyptian and Indian cuisine as well as fresh seafood features.

Restaurant – Shishah Nasir has proven to be the only true restaurant to offer an Arabian seating style in all Bangkok.
Our restaurant is the Number One choice for the local executives and European and American Tourists to cater their parties and events.

Restaurant Shishah Nasir: Know more about our history

Restaurant Shishah Nasir is the home of authentic middle-eastern and South Asian food in the district of Soi Nana Nuea, Watthana Bangkok. Our goal is to provide customers with food that will remind them of home even if they’re in a different country. Aside from our delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine, we also have Indian and Thai to diversify our menu options. 

Before we became the restaurant we are today, our place was a humble establishment founded in 1986. The owner, Mr Said, took care of his employees and developed his recipe that was soon recognized by Arabs and Thai locals in the area. When the business grew, it expanded into a 2nd-floor building with a beautiful Arab style interior. 

Over the years, the restaurant developed the menu further and included selected cuisines from Indian, Egypt, and Thailand. Additionally, we also added seafood dishes for our customers who want to try out different dishes.  

Aside from locals, travellers from different parts of the world also grew fond of our rare and authentic dishes. Most of the time, we serve globetrotters from the United States and Europe. Our best season is always the summer because Thailand is a melting pot of tourists during that time of the year. 

Our dedication and love for food are some of the reasons why the restaurant grew into popularity. We carefully select our cooks before we let them in our kitchen. To make sure that the food we serve will leave a lasting impression, we teach our staff to cook it with love and precision. 

Furthermore, aside from providing good food, we also ensure that our staff attend to all our customers’ needs and suggestions. So, if you’re looking for food that tastes like home, our doors at Restaurant Shishah Nasir are open to serve you! 

Restaurant Shishah Nasir: Our menu 



Hummus is a staple for anyone hailing from the Middle-East. Made of chickpeas, tahini, and garlic processed together, you can eat it plain or with pita bread. Here at Shisha Nasir, we’ve perfected our hummus recipe by using high-quality ingredients and spices.


Shawarma is another Middle-Eastern food we offer in our restaurant. Deeply roasted and marinated in flavourful spices, our shawarma meat is one of our best-sellers in Shisha Nasir. To balance out the texture, we use a soft pocket of flatbread toasted to perfection. Depending on your taste, we offer lamb, chicken, beef, and pork for the stuffing. 


Made of fresh greens and small bits of deep-fried Arabic bread, our fattoush is a delicious bread salad that can stimulate your palate. To elevate the flavour and taste, we also include pomegranate seeds and a dash of spices. 

Batata Harra 

Made of thick slices of potatoes, our batata harra is one of our popular side dishes. Thickly-sliced potatoes sprinkled with generous amounts of spices are deep-fried then served with a dash of coriander. This mouthwatering food can be paired with the main courses or enjoyed as a snack. 


Kibbeh is a staple Middle-Eastern dish that is renowned for its rich taste and texture. Made of ground beef, caramelized onions, and bulgur, this dish will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth. 

Warak Enab 

Composed of grapevines and vine leaves, the warak enab is a popular dish from Lebanon. We highly recommend this dish for our customers who are vegetarians. To make it more delicious, we cooked it in spices. 


Mansaf is a staple dish in Arab countries made of lamb. Historically, this main course is often served in commemoration of Eid. Usually, the Mansaf is popular among countries such as Jordan and Palestine. Here at Shisha Nasir, we serve our mansaf with tender lamb meat, creamy yoghurt, and basmati rice cooked with different species to add more flavour. 


In Arabic, the word Halva means sweet confection made of grain-based ingredients which makes it spongy and easy to sink your teeth into. To make it more delicious and mouth-watering, we added nuts and a layer of butter and sugar. 


Mandi is a delicious dish served in Middle-Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Egypt. Here at Shisha Nasir, we offer mandi in chicken, beef, or lamb and basmati rice cooked in spices simmered inside a pot made of stone. 

Indian menu 

Murgh Makhani (Butter chicken)

Also known as butter chicken, Murgh Makhani is one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisines. Made of chicken marinated in spices, this dish creates a rich aroma and taste that won’t leave your taste buds. To make our butter chicken flavourful, we use spices such as masala, cumin, ginger, and coriander.

Tandoori Chicken 

Chicken tandoori is a famous Indian dish cooked in a clay oven. Here at Shisha Nasir, we marinate our chicken in yoghurt, paprika, and other spices to create its signature taste. To perfect the texture, we leave it marinated overnight then cooked until the chicken has its popular tandoor char. 

Rogan Josh

Also known as red lamb, Rogan Josh is a dish made of lamb meat cooked in spicy Kashmiri spices and a thick gravy that goes well with basmati rice and naan bread. We make our rogan josh with spices such as cardamom, cumin, turmeric, and garam masala to maintain the taste and texture of the lamb meat. 

Malai Kofta 

Malai Kofta is a vegetarian dish made of potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, and sweet corn. Before we cook our koftas, we make sure that all the ingredients are properly mashed and flavoured with spices for an extra boost of flavour. 

Chole masala 

One of the staple Indian dishes in Shisha Nasir is chole masala. Made of chickpeas and spices, this food originated from North India and has become famous across the world. Here at our restaurant, we make our chole with fresh chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger paste. You can enjoy this dish with bread or basmati rice. 

Palak paneer 

Palak paneer is a dish that is always present in an Indian meal. Made of spinach, cottage cheese, and a generous helping of Indian spices, this dish will awaken your palate with its flavour and unforgettable taste. You can enjoy this dish with flatbread or garlic naan. 

Kaali Daal 

Kaali lentil is soaked overnight then cooked in creamy ghee, asafetida, and spices. This dish is a staple Indian dish that can be enjoyed on its own or with rice. 

Papdi Chaat 

Papdi Chaat is a Northern snack that is sold on the streets of India. Because this dish is versatile, it can be served in different variations during special events such as weddings and parties. Papdi chaat is made of dough rolled thinly then topped with seasoned potatoes swathed with tangy and spicy sauce. 

Naan bread 

We offer different types of naan bread here at Shisha Nasir. You can enjoy garlic, plain, and potato naan bread made by our dedicated staff members. To make it more flavourful, process our naan bread with yeast, flour, sugar, water, yoghurt, and generous helpings of ghee. 

Thai menu 

Guay Teow

Guay Teow is a popular Thai dish made of noodle soup, usually served with chicken, pork, or beef. To add more flavour, we serve this with lime juice, dried chilli peppers, fish sauce, sugar, and pepper. 

Tom Yum Gong 

This streaming bowl of goodness is a popular soup dish that we cooked in lemongrass, chilli, galangal, kaffir, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice, and a dollop of fish sauce. 

Tom Kha Gai 

Tom Kha Gai is another dish soup that rivals the flavour and spiciness of tom yum. The only difference is that we cooked this dish in creamy coconut milk and spicy sauce to elevate the flavour. 

 Yam Pla Dook Foo 

Yam Pla Dook Foo is a popular dish made of catfish cut to pieces then air fired to achieve a fluffy texture. To make this dish flavourful, we pair it with sweet and sour mango salad drizzled with spices. You can enjoy this dish with beer or other alcoholic beverages. 

Yam Talay 

Yam Talay is a popular seafood dish composed of squid, mussels, shrimps, and crab meat. Additionally, we make it more delicious by adding tomatoes, onions, and rice glass noodles for extra texture. 

Laab (Spicy salad)

Laab is a recipe that originated from the Northern part of Thailand made of mushrooms and mint leaves which is a staple flavour in the district of Isan. Here at Shisha Nasir, we offer laab in chicken, pork, and mushroom. Additionally, we cook this dish in different spices to add more texture and aroma. 

Learn more about our products here at Restaurant Shishah Nasir when you follow our website. Reserve your tables and get a taste of authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine here in Thailand!