We are from Egypt and we opened restaurant in 1986. We are proud to introduce Arabic food to Thai people and to server our Arab customers during their stay in Thailand.


Superior Service and food quality have been maintained since 1986. We believe that customer satisfaction equal to employee satisfaction.


Skilful chief with long experience Egyptian restaurants. Well trained and friendly workers. Click on the picture to know their names.

Restaurant Shishah Nasir: About us

Shisha Nasir is a Middle-Eastern restaurant located in the city of North Nana Bangkok. Here at our restaurant, we want to deliver an authentic and high-quality dining experience for Middle-Eastern and locals here in Thailand. 

Since 1986, we’ve been providing service for our patrons who want to experience the rare but delicious delicacies of the Middle-East. Because of our dedication to providing hearty meals to people, our dishes became recognized and have expanded to two floors and branches in other cities in Thailand. 

After we expanded our company, we also developed our menu and added more cuisines such as Indian, Thai, and Egyptian to cater to all our customers who want to try a diverse dining experience. Additionally, for people who love seafood, we have a wide selection of fishes and crustaceans they can try out in our restaurant. 

If you want a different dining experience, book your tables now at Shisha Nasir! 


You can book your reservations on our website. All you need to do is go to the main page, find the section for the reservation and select the button. Once the page has been loaded, you need to fill out the information needed in the boxes. 

Make sure you complete all the details so we can process your requests on time. Additionally, make sure you place your reservation a week in advance so our staff can book accordingly. 

If you’re planning to walk-in, you can call our restaurant and arrange your table. However, you should know that only a limited number of sitting capacity is allowed in the restaurant. 

Menu availability 

Here at Shishir Nasir, we prioritize the quality of the food we serve to our customers that’s why we only offer a limited number of main courses on our menu every day. To make sure that we produce only the best, our staff schedule each dish that will be cooked for the day. 

If you want to know what menu we have for the day, you can check out our website and browse our schedule. For special occasions, we accept catering services. However, we request that you book it ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. 

Booking for special events 

Shisha Nasir accepts booking for special events. However, all event reservations must be planned well in advance before relaying it to the restaurant staff. Moreover, only the menu available in the restaurant is allowed for request. Other dishes that are not under our selection will not be entertained. 

During events, all etiquettes required by the restaurant must be observed. Disruptive activities such as drinking are prohibited to maintain peace and order in the establishment. 

Book your next meal here at Shish Nasir and have a gastronomical experience when you taste our authentic Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisine!